Solutions for your anaerobic digestion projects

An integrated biogas player in France

Created in 2008 under the name Holding Verte, Evergaz is a major player in anaerobic digestion in France, based on three areas of expertise : consultancy for anaerobic digestion projects, project development, ownership and long-term operation of territorial anaerobic digestion units.

  • Feasibility studies
  • Project Ownership Assistance
  • Sourcing plan
  • Selection of the Project Manager
  • Contract management
  • Environmental analysis
  • Compliance audit
  • Operational assistance

  • Administrative engineering
  • Financial engineering
  • Regulatory support
  • Fundraising
  • Project insurability
  • Raising local awareness and project acceptance
  • Relationships with stakeholders

  • Equity investment
  • Operation of anaerobic digestion units
  • Preventive maintenance of the units
  • Operational optimisation
  • Supply management
  • Industrial performance


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Expertise driven by feedback from operations

Evergaz owns and operates several anaerobic digestion units which treat organic waste and transform it into renewable energy – heat, electricity or natural gas. The remaining solid part, i.e. the digestate, forms a natural fertiliser which can be spread in fields. Therefore everything is recovered, which is consistent with the territorial circular economy. Evergaz uses its expertise to develop and operate these anaerobic digestion projects, in partnership with the public and private stakeholders of the territories concerned.

By combining the roles of investor and operator, Evergaz has gained a unique position on the French anaerobic digestion market: feedback from operations constantly contributes to the discussions on the development of new projects, maximising the added value for project initiators, from the development phase to the operation of anaerobic digestion units.

An independent player

Evergaz has a dedicated engineering and consulting subsidiary: Ledjo Energie, who provide genuine technical engineering expertise to project initiators and partners when making decisions on their anaerobic digestion projects. Evergaz is independent of all producers and equipment manufacturers, recommending a selection of ad hoc service providers and preparing calls for tender, adapted to the specific needs of every project.

The partner of the territories

Evergaz always works in partnership with local economic and political players in the territories – industrial companies, farmers, local authorities, elected officials, local associations, to ensure its projects address specific local requirements and optimise the service to the population.