Develop anaerobic digestion projects

In France, specific authorisations are required to initiate an anaerobic digestion project and recover territorial organic waste. Thanks to feedback, Evergaz has gained recognised skills in administrative engineering, enabling the completion of their projects within the deadlines defined with their partners.

According to the administrative requirements of the facilities – declaration, registration, authorisation – Evergaz compiles the data required to obtain the operating authorisation. If necessary, Evergaz uses specialised consultancy firms to carry out specific complementary studies – hazard study, impact study, odour study, etc.

Evergaz insures its anaerobic digestion projects during the construction stage and throughout their operation. Evergaz has insurance policies to limit the risks and reassure its partners in biogas projects.

Based on plans, drawings, sketches, partially or entirely created by the companies, Evergaz compiles all the data required for the preparation of the Planning Permission by the architect or project manager selected for the project. The application is prepared in accordance with applicable regulations on anaerobic digestion projects: consideration of safety distances, useful retention areas, fire fighting devices, etc.

So that the electricity produced can be used via the ERDF grid, Evergaz takes all appropriate steps for the electrical connection of the facilities, and establishes electricity purchase and sales contracts.

  • Simple preliminary study request
  • Complete preliminary study request
  • TFP request (Technical and Financial Proposal)
  • Connection agreement request - Injection
  • Connection agreement request - Extraction
  • Operating declaration with DIDEME (Direction de la Demande et des Marchés énergétiques or Directorate for energy demand and markets) / DGEC (Direction Générale de l'Énergie et du Climat or Energy and Climate Directorate)
  • ADEME identification request
  • Request for the Obligatory purchase of electricity Certificate (CODOA)
  • Purchase contract requested from EDF AOA (Agence Obligation d'Achat or Purchase Obligation Agency)
  • Sales contract requested from EDF (Extraction)
  • EDF AOA agreement request for attachment to the balance perimeter

Evergaz has acquired considerable experience in administrative engineering to ensure connection to the natural gas network and establish purchase contracts pertaining to the injection of biomethane into the network.

This includes, for the distribution network (GRDF or ELD):

  • Request for preliminary injection feasibility study
  • Request for injection and connection feasibility study
  • Request for injection/connection design study
  • ADEME identification request
  • Connection contract request
  • Injection contract request
  • Purchase contract request

And for the transport network (GRT Gaz):

  • Request for preliminary needs study
  • Request for injection and connection feasibility studies
  • ADEME identification request
  • Connection contract request
  • Injection contract request
  • Purchase contract request
  • Signing of the Start-up agreement