Guarantee day-to-day operational performance

Evergaz has decided to operate their anaerobic digestion units themselves. This experience has resulted in considerable expertise in the biogas business, which is a prerequisite for the development of future projects.

Everyday management of the facilities

Evergaz operates its anaerobic digestion facilities and controls biogas production on a daily basis, monitoring manufacturer warranties and the relationships with those involved in the biogas units.

  • Biogas production monitoring
  • Heat recovery monitoring
  • EDF invoicing
  • Contract management
  • Monitoring of the warranties

Operational optimisation

Evergaz continuously monitors technological developments to regularly optimise the way its units are operated, thereby optimising service continuity and improving production efficiency.

Biological monitoring

To guarantee the optimal operation of its anaerobic digestion units, Evergaz regularly analyses the methanogenic potential of the materials entering the anaerobic digestion unit, as well as the characteristics of the digestate output. To do this, Evergaz has developed its own biological database, which is regularly enhanced by operating feedback and currently features more than 1,400 references.

  • Input analysis
  • Biological monitoring of the digestate
  • Performance analysis

Preventive maintenance

To avoid equipment issue, Evergaz has implemented preventive maintenance plans on its sites.

  • Stock and spare parts management
  • Emergency response and troubleshooting
  • Resolution of non-compliances


Because the safety of our operating staff and visitors is a priority, Evergaz commits to implementing preventive measures to protect everyone's health and safety.

  • Personal protective equipment
  • Personnel awareness and information
  • First aid courses
  • Alert and intervention procedures
  • Site marking and information

Monitoring of regulatory developments

Evergaz's anaerobic digestion units are subject to ICPE regulations (classified installations for environmental protection). Evergaz's team constantly monitors regulatory developments to ensure that our operations comply with all applicable regulations.

Environmental impact

Even though anaerobic digestion projects are renewable energy projects, certain factors can negatively affect the project's overall environmental performance: transport, construction of new infrastructures, land spreading, etc. The environmental impact of the project is therefore regularly verified and corrective actions are proposed when necessary.

  • Environmental surveys
  • Control of odour nuisances
  • Transparent information and communication