Green energy for sustainable uses

The biogas produced by Evergaz and generated by organic materials is recovered as:

  • Green electricity and heat, for the anaerobic digestion units using the cogeneration process;
  • Biomethane injected into natural gas networks and subject to guarantees of origin.

Heat and electricity

Cogeneration is the production of electricity and heat from biogas. The cogeneration module consists of a gas engine (biogas) which drives an alternator – generating an electric current. The heat produced from this process is recovered via heat exchangers and reused by local consumers located near the anaerobic digestion unit: municipal pool, industrial company, etc.

Cogeneration in our anaerobic digestion units helps produce renewable and decentralised electricity continuously (with no interruptions, 90% of the time).

The electricity produced from biogas is reinjected into the electricity distribution grid, giving rise to "green certificates" in France since 1st January 2012, attesting to the origin of electricity produced from renewable energy. These certificates are subsequently bought by local authorities, businesses or individuals who wish to procure green and renewable electricity.


Evergaz continuously monitors technological developments to regularly optimise the way its units are operated, thereby optimising service continuity and improving production efficiency.

Biological monitoring

Another form of energy recovery enabled by anaerobic digestion is the production of biomethane, which can be injected into natural gas networks.

Biomethane has a variety of uses:

  • Heating and supply of condensing gas boilers;
  • Supply of electrical power plants;
  • Industrial applications – chemical and petrochemical industry;
  • Biofuel / BioNGV.

Evergaz is therefore a producer of biomethane and, as such, can provide natural gas suppliers with "green gas". The natural gas produced by Evergaz is subject to guarantees of origin, certifying that it has been generated organically by a anaerobic digestion process, and is therefore renewable.