Customised support

Evergaz can help you develop your anaerobic digestion project by providing its expertise in the technical, administrative and financial engineering of anaerobic digestion projects.

Solutions for the treatment of agricultural and vineyard waste

The construction of an anaerobic digestion unit can be a solution for treating a broad range of agricultural by-products at a reduced cost:

  • livestock effluent: manure, slurry, bedding, etc.
  • plant biomass: grass, mowed grass, energy crops, etc.
  • crop production by-products: waste vegetables

In France, anaerobic digestion is a multi-input process: Evergaz's biological expertise helps define the right mixture of materials to be digested. Once the recipe has been defined and the quantities established, different types of organic waste can be treated together in our anaerobic digestion units.


Anaerobic digestion offers a host of benefits for farmers:

  • Predictable additional income
  • Reduction in the energy bill
  • Reduction in energy dependency
  • Reduction in the treatment costs of agricultural waste
  • Production of green energy
  • Access to a natural fertiliser

To find out more, visit the pages dedicated to our Marnay Energie and Sensienergies plants, developed and operated in partnership with farmers.

Our support

Evergaz will support you throughout each phase of your project:

  • Studies and preparatory phase
  • Project development
  • Project Ownership Assistance
  • Administrative and financial engineering
  • Equity funding
  • Operation and maintenance