A tailor-made project adapted to local needs

Once the preliminary studies have been carried out and the required authorisations have been obtained, Evergaz plays the role of a veritable project owner in its anaerobic digestion projects, drawing from more than 7 years' experience in the development and monitoring of multi-stakeholder anaerobic digestion projects.

  • Preparation of a tender enquiry
  • Selection of the Project Manager (PM) to design the project
  • Consultation and selection of the service providers required for the ICPE operating authorisation request
  • Ensuring electrical connection or biogas injection
  • Establishment of the material supply contracts
  • Establishment of the energy supply contracts - heat, biogas, cooling, etc.
  • Mobilisation of subsidies and preparation of the corresponding applications
  • Establishment of insurance policies with a view to insuring the project
  • Coordination of stakeholders and project owner representation during the construction and commissioning phases