AMPower, Belgium

With a capacity of 7.5MWel. and the ability to treat 180,000 metric tonnes of waste per year, AM Power is one of Europe’s largest sites. The unit was developed and started up in 2012 by Stefaan Delabie. It treats a broad range of waste and by-products, essentially livestock manure and waste from agri-food industries, and supplies power to more than 11,000 people. Dry digestate is sold as natural fertiliser.

Evergaz and Stefaan Delabie signed a partnership in 2018 when Evergaz invested in AMPower and BioNRGY (44%).The partnership between Evergaz and Stefaan Delabie was established based on an innovative industrial digestate treatment project, developed and tested by Stefaan Delabie for 5 years. AM-Power is a partner in a large-scale European Union H2020 project known as “SYSTEMIC”. AM-Power is one of the five European demonstration plants where developments are underway for the post-treatment of digestate, more specifically the recovery of nutrients. This process consists of extracting water from liquid digestate to reduce the volumes to be spread.