Serving your territory

Anaerobic digestion units are territorial projects which must respond to the needs of the local economic fabric while contributing to the well-being of the population.

On our sites, we treat local organic waste and transform it into electricity and heat, or natural gas and bioNGV (fuel gas). Evergaz produces green energy and our projects are concrete examples of the circular economy.

Evergaz helps local authorities and semi-public companies achieve their environmental objectives, through direct involvement in the fight against climate change via the production of green, renewable energy using the territory's resources.

Evergaz contributes to local economic development by cultivating special relationships with local businesses and giving them an outlet for the treatment of their waste, as well as a source of green energy (heat, biofuel).

Evergaz's anaerobic digestion units also stimulate local job creation by creating new markets.

Evergaz is committed to working with local authorities, businesses and associations so that biogas projects can enhance the attractiveness of the territories.

To do this, Evergaz has developed solid skills in terms of informing and communicating with local populations, to assist local authorities throughout the project acceptability process.

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