A solution for your waste and the provision of customised green energy

Agri-food industries

Our anaerobic digestion units can treat waste generated by the agri-food industry such as vegetable waste, slaughterhouse by-products, milk house waste, etc.

Thanks to our biological expertise, our anaerobic digestion units are fed by different types of biomass – livestock effluent, industrial biowaste, catch crops, etc. The performance of the combinations is analysed at an early stage and constantly monitored throughout the process to maximise biogas production.

Waste collector

Anaerobic digestion can provide an eco-friendly and competitive outlet for the organic waste collected. Evergaz works in partnership with major waste collection and recovery groups who supply our anaerobic digestion units.

All types of non-ligneous organic waste can be treated:

  • Food residue, residue from supermarkets and food processing industries
  • Vineyard, milk house and brewing waste
  • Slaughterhouse by-products
  • Agricultural waste – grass and crops, etc.

Industrial companies on the territories of our projects

Anaerobic digestion units can provide you with:

  • green electricity and heat for cogeneration projects
  • natural gas or biofuel


Purified and treated biomethane can produce biofuel or BioNGV, capable of supplying local authorities and businesses with vehicle fleets, keen to convert their sustainable development strategy into practical and visible initiatives.