Increase the competitiveness of pig farms in Brittany

Project Description

Sensienergies is an anaerobic digestion unit located in Saint Nicolas du Tertre, in the Morbihan department. In 2007, the Texier family considered the installation of an anaerobic digestion unit near their pig farm, with a view to treating and recovering pig manure.

The project of Société Civile d’Exploitation Agricole Texier became a reality in August 2013 with the commissioning of the unit. The unit currently treats 14,965 metric tons of organic waste every year: pig manure, intermediate crops, crop productions and oily sludge are digested and converted into electricity, heat and natural fertiliser.

The SCEA Texier and Evergaz work every day in partnership for plant operation, industrial performance monitoring and continuous improvement.

Key data:

  • Treatment capacity: 14,965 metric tons per year
  • Biogas recovery: cogeneration, 527 kWel.
  • Heat recovery: heating of the piggery, digestate drying
  • Equivalent to the annual consumption of 1,200 homes
  • 5000 m³ of pig manure treated every year

Evergaz's involvement:

  • Project development
  • Technical, administrative and financial engineering
  • Project funding
  • Operation of the unit


  • Reduction in the treatment costs of pig slurry
  • Production of organic fertilisers to replace chemical fertilisers
  • Reduction in the energy bill
  • Reduction in the territory's energy dependency